• Virus & Malware Removal

    We remove and protect your machine from all kinds of viruses that could infect your system. We can clean your Mac, PC and Linux
  • PC & Mac Hardware Upgrades

    Upgrade your Memory, Video card, CPU, Hard drive with ease using our simple and fast computer hardware upgrade service.
  • Windows / Mac / Linux OS Installations

    We are experts. We will install your Operating system on any partition, having multiple operating systems on one machine or a simple reformat of your disk
  • Home / Office Networking

    Is your Ethernet cabling a mess? We have professional networking techniques that will get you loving your home office. We have network security for your home that you will not want to live without.
  • Backups & Data Recovery

    Worry your self no more, Let 2 IT Support handle all your backs, knowing that we are information technology experts, means that data is our #1 priority. We will keep your data safe and secure. Cloud and local Backup solutions available.
  • WiFi & Wireless

    Do you want the latest and greatest in WiFi networking? Is your home or Office demanding special needs? Call us and we will survey your area for the best possible WiFi connection settings.
  • Printing & Scanning Documents

    We install, configure and network your printers and scanners so you can use them from any where! Let's discuss the best economical printing solutions with you. Laser, Inkjet and wax printing available.
  • File Sharing & Permissions

    Your files might be all over the place. Your life is a computing mess. Let 2 IT Support help you organize your home office in a way that you have not thought possible. We offer Dropbox, Windows File Sharing, Overdrive support.
  • Instant Remote Support

    We offer an instant remote support package straight from your computer while browsing this website. Just click this link and, download the quick connect client and give us a call once you have made your entry payment.