Virtualization Technology

We will handle all of your IT security Issues. Our team of ethical hackers try to find breaches in your configurations and secure them!

Our Vision

Virtualization Technology Support

We have designed, Deployed and Managed virtual infrastructures in all different shapes, sizes, flavors, and business use case.

  • VMware vSphere 4, 5, 6 Infrastructures
    • We have deployed ESX clusters in many regions of the United States and Globally, One of the advantages of VMware is their free platform where you do not need to spend tons of money clustering but rather harness the power of the virtualization platform.
    • In 2010 we have successfully deployed a national VMware cluster to server MYSQL databases. the cluster was deployed to insure HA for the back end application relying on the database. with FT running in each collocation, VMware enabled us to have at least one instance of the MYSQL cluster up and running in case of any failures.
    • VMware can also be used to host your Microsoft Windows and Linux machines.
    • We have great expertise on VMware machine migrations, from other platforms. with expert knowledge in fixing Hard-drive issues and kernel load issues with Virtual Machine transfers.
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
    • Hyper-V machines have a great quality to a windows shop, that is you only need one windows license for all of your virtual machine instances, This definitely cuts down on cost and is a great option of a Windows only shop.
  • Openstack
    • The Open Source Cloud platform, Very Power, and is built on Linux solid kernel. It can manage ESX, KVM and other virtual machine Host machines
  • oVirt
  • VDI solutions
    • VMware VDI
      • We support VMware Horizon installations with 40+ virtual desktops running on thin clients of your choice.
    • Azure Remote app
      • We are qualified to sequence most of your windows applications for virtual remote use. Setting up the cloud based virtual app solution is a very cost efficient task (internet connection required)
    • Appv
    • Ulteo
      • If you want to have all of your business applications in one place with users connecting remotely to your applications, for security or audit reason, we will be able to put an ulteo solution for you.
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