Tools for Monitoring Unmanaged Dedicated Servers

An unmanaged dedicated server leaves nearly all the management duties performed under a managed hosting set up to the purchaser’s management. Unmanaged dedicated servers often require a higher understanding of networking and monitoring tools to keep your website running smoothly.

Most web hosting companies offering unmanaged dedicated servers will also provide some monitoring tools for monitoring unmanaged dedicated servers. One common feature is while they will not monitor your server many do provide alerts that tell you if you have issues such as your server being overworked. These alerts will give you the ability to control the settings so your IT department does not get messages they do not want. Server monitoring tools will also help you to manage bandwidth usage, especially useful if your business uses VOIP services.

The most important monitoring tool for unmanaged servers is security to protect you from viruses. Many hosting companies provide tools to keep unmanaged dedicated servers clean from viruses 24/7. When selecting a company to purchase or host your server you must consider the level of security from viruses and other issues they will provide. Your choice of monitoring tools and hosting provider can also have a bearing on how you manage your business website support, and how you choose an IT support company for your business.

Many users are very sensitive to spam today, and your tools for monitoring unmanaged dedicated servers must include spam filters that allow you to control the level of protection that you desire. One of the main attractions of an unmanaged server is the control you get on issues such as spam.

Having an unmanaged dedicated server gives you some key advantages over other hosting options, but you must have the right tools to monitor your server’s performance.

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