What Affects Business Web Hosting Speed?

A slow website can often lead to poor sales and conversions for your business website. When people go to your website they don’t like to sit around and wait for a large website to download. Recently, Google released announced the inclusion of website speed as one of the factors for a website page ranking. This means that if your website loads faster than your competitor’s site, it can affect your page ranking. Not only is business web hosting speed a technical issue, but it is also an important sales issue.

Business Web Hosting Speed: Bandwidth

What has the effect of business web hosting speed is an important topic for the business owner to understand. Bandwidth is the main issue that affects the speed of your website, and without the right amount of bandwidth, your website can have real issues. To select the right hosting plan you will need to know the size of the pages on your site along with the number of visitors you will get. Other services such as VOIP will also take up bandwidth. These are all important factors in affecting web hosting speed. If you’re managing your hosting, you should make use of tools for monitoring dedicated servers, that will help you to balance your server loads.

Business Web Hosting Speed: Size

If you have a very large website or very high traffic, then you should make sure your server plan can handle your site.  If you are having speed problems you should consider upgrading to a semi-dedicated web hosting solution designed for small business web hosting needs.

Another major potential cause of a slow-loading business website is having a website with too many pictures or graphics. There are several ways you can make your website run for example one study found a high percentage of websites had syntax errors which affect the web hosting speed. Not only do errors on your website affect speed, but they also can affect your page ranking on the search indexes. Having a professional website designer might cost more upfront, but can save money down the road

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