What Temperature Should Your Business Server Room Be?

One of the most looked-at features of a business server room is the AC unit that regulates the business server room temperature. Modern server equipment in a dedicated business server room can result in hot temperatures causing long-term damage to your equipment. With that said considering the cost of servers and other equipment in the room it is important that your AC equipment perform as well as your computer equipment.

Server room temperature: why is it important

It is also important to remember that air conditioners and fans blow particles of dirt around and these can settle on and damage sensitive equipment giving you another potential source of damage to your equipment. Some companies install air filters to reduce the flow of airborne debris, and this is an option you might want to look at.

Server room temperature: what’s right?

What is the business server room temperature? You will get different answers depending on who you ask, but Google’s data center practices say, “Raising the cold aisle temperature will minimize chiller energy use. Don’t try to run at 70F in the cold aisle, try to run at 80F; virtually all equipment manufacturers allow this.”

Server room temperature: humidity factor

Another related issue to consider is the humidity factor in your business server room. Increasing humidity levels in your business server room can also affect your equipment by causing corrosion and rust.  As an IT professional, you must be able to monitor and adapt to any humidity level changes as you control your business server room temperatures.

While this might not be an option for the small business hosting their servers a lot of data center cooling systems are making use of direct-expansion refrigeration cooling coils. These systems can monitor the temperature using return air temperature sensors and change the air temperature in the server room as temperature readings require.

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