.Zepto file extension – Crypto Virus related

One of my clients has called me regarding hashed user file names. and having a .zepto file extension!! 

HMM, my first thought was that it’s a crypto locker-type virus. And yes it was. This new attack was just released and is starting to infect computers. the infection is living in your IE or Chrome cached browser history and is triggered on reboot or opening of a browser window! 

If you are infected I recommend running the following tools:

1. Install avast free or Buy avast! Pro Antivirus. Click Here!

2. Install and run Hitmanpro 3

3. Get Malwarebytes and run them fully

4. Use Kaspersky tdskiller and antivirus scanner

once complete some software will prompt you to restart your computer, do so.

and you can use shadow explorer to try to recover your lost files!

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