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We will handle all of your IT security Issues. Our team of ethical hackers try to find breaches in your configurations and secure them!

Our Vision

IT Support Service Plans

Our rates vary due to the complexity of the nature of our work.

We support 1 to 200 machine’s per client, many include different servers, different architectures, and different techniques of achieving and meeting business goals and demands.

Our Pricing model may vary from these, though each client is assessed in the assessment phase and a price quote is formulated.

We offer home support for a monthly fee to manage your desktop, backups, internet lines, emails, etc. This plan does not include any use of servers or VPN tunnels

Small and medium business IT support: ranging from 1-25 servers and 1 – 200 desktops, our plan offers exclusive benefits of total protection for a monthly fee per device supported. Call us for consultations and a quote today. This included a dedicated hour of onsite support monthly, depending on the size of the company.

Enterprise IT Support: This is a complete platform ranging from dedicated onsite support and dedicated help hotline for immediate support. The enterprise packages differ from any other , with global 24/7 monitoring systems deployed and QoS at an accepted pre-agreed rate. 

These are estimates, some machines which have advanced software and hardware are priced accordingly. 

1-10 Desktops$75 per desktop user$60 per desktop user$45 Per Device
20-50 Desktops$70 per desktop user$53 per desktop user$45 per Device
1-8 (physical servers)$160 per server$135 per server$90 per Server
1-8 (virtual servers)$120 per Server$90 per server$75 per device
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