We will handle all of your IT security Issues. Our team of ethical hackers try to find breaches in your configurations and secure them!

Our Vision

Supported Technologies

We have been supporting various types of infrastructure technologies; from the very basic using cloud hosted technologies, to complicated clusters that create the cloud.

  1. Virtualization Technologies
  2. Networking topologies
  3. Backup Software support
  4. Operating Systems
  5. Antivirus software (cloud and on premises)
    • Symantec Enpoint Protection
    • Kaspersky Labs Antivirus
    • VIPRE 6
    • GFI Max
  6. Web Server Technologies
    • Apache 2
    • nGinx
    • IIS 6 & 7 (internet information services)
  7. Database Technologies
    • MySQL Clustering, HA and Load balancing
    • MSSQL, clustering and DR
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