Network Topology

We will handle all of your IT security Issues. Our team of ethical hackers try to find breaches in your configurations and secure them!

Our Vision

Network Topology Support

  • Cisco, HP and Juniper Support
    • We support All major Network switches and router equipment. We have experts that can diagnose the worst of problems, and configure the most expert solutions. From BGP to MPLS, ARP tables to Local routing.
  • Multi-point VPN connections
    • We can configure your businesses to have VPN connections that interconnect office to office, or on demand laptop / desktop to office. we can offer home to office Virtual Private Network solutions.
      VLAN Segmentation ( VOIP/Data/ other intra-networks)
    • Ever wondered why your voice over IP is terrible? that’s because your IT support tech guy didn’t segment your internal network to allow for different virtual LANs on your equipment. causing bloating and unnecessary loss of quality to your networks. We can segment all your networks with no limit on how many networks you can have. The Limit is in your hardware not our services.
  • Firewall configurations
    • It is necessary to block all incoming traffic from the internet correctly. Here at 2 IT Support we will asses all the incoming and outgoing traffic, and supply you with a good firewall configuration. there are more to firewalls than meets the eye, we can monitor all of your employees actions, website visits and even communication. to make sure everyone is doing their job right.
  • Link Aggregation and WAN load balancing
    • If you want to get more out of your networked devices, you must be able to put together this cool networking technique LACP, in many different modes it can be configured and allows one server or device to be able to use multiple Ethernet ports for greater throughput of bandwidth, which means you can do more with your network without upgrading to higher level devices.
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