Online Marketing – A Bridge Between Business And Customers

Online marketing is like a bridge that connects businesses to multiple customers and the Internet is like a highway that is full of information. The Internet has now become a part of many people’s life. The common man is now using the internet for getting general information and for many more things like e-ticketing, internet banking, e-shopping, etc. So it is the best tool to use by businesses for

marketing their products online. Online marketing means promoting products and services using the internet. It is a broad concept because it can be done by using various techniques such as search engine marketing, search engine optimization, banner ads on specific websites, email marketing, etc. The internet is the most efficient and cheapest way to promotInternetany.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a part of online marketing used to promote websites for increasing the ranking of the website on search engine result page. It is done using paid placement ts t ts t, contextual advertising page pages, and paid inclusion. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a part of search engine marketing or we can say a subset of it. SEO is used to increase the visibility of a website on the search engine result page. SEM uses ad words, pay-per-call, article submission, advertising, and SEO. Another part of SEM is Social media marketing (SMM). SMM uses social media for promoting products and services to attract customers.

Online marketing is a one-to-one approach in which one business targets many customers. Online marketing provides with many benefits such as free promotion of products and sales at a low cost, providing promoting to sell nearly anything, payments can be collected easily, people can approach anytime 24×7, products or services placed for a worldwide audience, etc. Online marketing is not mere plworldwidertisement on the web, it is also conversing merely customers, marketing products and services over internet, converting the approach of customers into a sale, etc.

The most important part of online marketing is convalescing customers’ approach to sales. Businesses don’t want to loose customers after they approached to business. E-mail loss is the most efficient and useful way to respond to customers. In online marketing, one can make classification of market on different basis such as Demographic classification ion means the age, gender, education level, or socio-economic status, Lifecycle classification means according to the life stages, Geographic classification means according to location, Job classification means the basis of work of people and Specialty classificatibased of common interest.

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