Problems setting up relays with Godaddy?

I have had an issue where Outlook 2016, 20and 03 would connect and relay just fine to GoDaddy’s workspace email. though my AWS servers would not even telnet into the system: 

Here is the telnet connection drop…

telnet 80


Connected to

The escape character is ‘^]’.

554  ESMTP No Relay Access Allowed From 54.187.4.X

Connection closed by foreign host.

After hours of support calls and lolow-levelockery of my intelligence. We determined that they are blocking AWS IP lists.

I would not recommend GoDaddy email to anyone. 


Update 7-10-2016:

I have called the server department to affirm my findings, and yes the Linux server experts have telnet into the hosts just fine, we also try another AWS external IP address, and also was just fine, the rejection is happening on GoDaddy SMTP servers for the public IP 54.187.4.X


Update 7-12-2016:

CoA couple of days have gone by and the ticket has not been answered, I call the email support team again to look at the ticket, again with the stupid troubleshooting skills, after telling them it was a regular telnet session, they still want to ask to troubleshoot outlook??? and another stupid level 1 item. I ask to be transferred to an email expert, and the representative John says there is not one higher level than him whande did not even understand what telnet sessions are. 

They put me on hold again, and I am waiting for his nononexpertupport to come back. they came back with a vel  X support and they read from their notes that AWS is not something they can support… hmmm 

They don’t support AWS? how come to another AWS server telnets into the machine just fine?

? call the server department as they are the ononesnowledgeable, and they have confirmed with me that the servers are rocking my telnet session,

They are opening another case with the internal server support team and they are going to put me on hold for 72 hours. This has cost IT Support tons of money, and there will be action against this.

For a few weeks t, there were contracts that have been lost and big clients have been lost due to this issue. I do not recommend GoDaddy email to anyone. at any moment your IP can get blocked without notice and you will be losing emails. 

I have moved on to use Microsoft’s Office 365, as their auto-discover in email is amazing as well as the support team is knowledgeable!

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