Symantec Endpoint Protection – SEP Virtual Image Exception Tool Issue

One of my clients is running SEP 12.1.6 and has a small-sized VDI environment in VMware.

Symantec Endpoint was hanging all resources when virtual images started to be deployed. We needed to fix the problem. We started by following Symantec guides on policy creation and most of the items seemed to work for the policy settings.

Though we ran into an issue with the VIETOOL.EXE

The steps to getting the VIE tool are to copy vietool.exe from the installation folder to your system32 folder. 

then you must issue the command vietool.exe C: –generate after a full scan ensuring that the files in your golden master image are not infected.

the vietool.exe C: –generate command gives Failed to start service Error code 2 

My SEP is version 12.1.6, the VIETOOL is version

I am contacting Symantec to get an updated version of the tool. once we have the tool in the correct version then it would be able to start the required correct versioned SEP service.

We went ahead and downloaded the latest MP5 12.1.6 from and the VIETOOL version that is in the image is still though the error code has changed to error code 5.


Update 8.17.2016: 

After all this troubleshooting  It seems that the vietool.exe does not run from the system32 folder, the support told us to run it from the desktop, which is working and seems to be successful. the issue has nothing to do with the version of the software, though it is recommended to have the latest version. rather the location from which the software is being run from

Case closed.

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